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CommonPlace Pilot: News Stories

The CommonPlace Pilot was mentioned in the following articles and blog posts:

  • Robert Putnam’s Saguaro Seminar blog post about CommonPlace: Read the Post
  • BostInno article on CommonPlace’s efforts to use the web to revitalize community: Read the Post
  • Falls Church Times article on the launch of CommonPlace in Falls Church, Virginia: Read the Post
  • CommonPlace mentioned in Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust’s Baccalaureate speech to the Harvard Class of 2012 (“your class…started a web platform for community engagement”): Read the Post
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CommonPlace Pilot: Video Clips

Browse some of the video clips below to learn more about the sucess of the CommonPlace Pilot.

  • Neighbors discussing CommonPlace in Falls Church: Watch
  • CommonPlace on Michigan local news: Watch
  • CommonPlace on North Carolina local news: Watch
  • CommonPlace on local talk show: Watch
  • CommonPlace pitched to the Falls Church, Virginia City Council: Watch
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Partner With Civic The Tech Lab

The Civic Tech Lab is always interested in finding progressive civic leaders and excited neighbors who want to partner with us. If you’re interested in learning more about civic technology and how it can help your town, email