CommonPlace Pilot: News Stories

The CommonPlace Pilot was mentioned in the following articles and blog posts:

  • Robert Putnam’s Saguaro Seminar blog post about CommonPlace: Read the Post
  • BostInno article on CommonPlace’s efforts to use the web to revitalize community: Read the Post
  • Falls Church Times article on the launch of CommonPlace in Falls Church, Virginia: Read the Post
  • CommonPlace mentioned in Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust’s Baccalaureate speech to the Harvard Class of 2012 (“your class…started a web platform for community engagement”): Read the Post

CommonPlace Pilot: Video Clips

Browse some of the video clips below to learn more about the sucess of the CommonPlace Pilot.

  • Neighbors discussing CommonPlace in Falls Church: Watch
  • CommonPlace on Michigan local news: Watch
  • CommonPlace on North Carolina local news: Watch
  • CommonPlace on local talk show: Watch
  • CommonPlace pitched to the Falls Church, Virginia City Council: Watch